About the project

Skovoroda Institute is an NGO whose aim is to popularize the Ukrainian language and culture overseas.
Our mission
We want to create a network of language and cultural centres around the world as analogous to such cultural giants as Confucius Institute in China, British Council in the UK, Goethe Institut in Germany and Austria, Institut Français in France, Polish Institute in Poland. In each of these centres foreigners will be able to start learning Ukrainian, broaden their knowledge, get acquainted with Ukrainian culture and take an exam to get a language certificate. Such an insight into cultural and linguistic tradition of Ukraine will undoubtedly create an attractive image of the country abroad and set up more bridges of understanding and cooperation.
Our activities
-language courses (in 2016 the groups of 5 levels were started in Kyiv);
– speaking clubs;
– arranging trips around Ukraine; ;
– giving foreigners a chance to be a part of the biggest cultural events in Ukraine as spectators and participants;
– our website and Facebook page is a modern media platform where we post articles about Ukrainian history and culture in different languages, share the information about new materials on learning Ukrainian as a foreign language;
– teaching Ukrainian as a foreign language via Skype;
– we are working on improving the certification test in Ukrainian as a foreign language;
– creating our special didactic materials for learning Ukrainian (we are also intended to publish video lessons);
– by 2016 we were lucky to have started the branches of Skovoroda Institute in Lviv, Krakow and Kharkiv. In 2017 one more branch appeared in Kielce town, Poland
– we are planning to invite students from abroad to give them an opportunity for practising the language, financing provided at our expense or scholarship-based.
Since Skovoroda Institute still is a voluntary NGO and it has not been initiated neither by the state, polititians, nor by business owners, its future depends on Ukrainian society and friends of our country. We are open for cooperation with anyone who shares our convictions, because our goal is to solve the problems which are vital for the whole nation. We have no financial support yet, except some irregular donation, so we would be really grateful if you had a chance to help either financially or in person, professionally etc.
Send us a message if you have any suggestions for cooperation and if you are interested in the project!
or make a phone call +38 093 720 84 70 Yuriy, +38 093 092 23 59 Sofia

Translated by Daria Stetska