Our team

Maryna Marchuk
Openness, teacher
Марина Марчук

About me: I study foreign languages, and for me it is a matter of lifestyle than profession. I am interested in Spanish and Latin cultures, I also translate foreign poetry, social and political journalism. For the last two years I have been participating in ” Splash” theater. Dancing Salsa and guitar playing – are also my hobbies. What’s more, I adore travelling, reading and listening to high-quality music.

Why SI: In my time, native speakers helped me to learn a foreign language, so, in my turn, I’d like to repay and help those, who want to learn Ukrainian! I think it is fair enough.

Why Ukrainian: In my opinion, Ukrainian language, as well as Ukrainian culture, is very tender and romantic. One can’t get the deepest sense of Ukrainian poetry, music, cinematograph without knowing the language. It is necessary to remeber that Ukraine is a little-known, but still very big country! And those, who will study its culture, will have the chance to ensure the uniqueness of Ukraine.

Yurii Mischenko
Idea, organisator

Юрій Міщенко

About me: I love my country and people, I’m involved in historical reconstruction of 12-13 century Kyiv and in organisation of historical festival.Authentic music instruments playing, volunteering( help for military units), learning chinese and polish language, translating and travelling – are also parts of my life. Now, I’m studying in NaUKMA.

Why SI: Because I’ve created it, and I want to bring it to realization, when Ukrainian language, authors, traditions and culture will be studied and loved in the majority of World universities outside Ukraine; It is of a crucial importance for World community to know exactly where the country is situated, while hearing the word “Ukraine”.

Why Ukrainian: Because Ukrainian culture – it is a unique phenomenon, with extremely old history, which doesn’t yield to other cultures. Kyiv, which was a centre of East Slavic orthodox civilisation thousand years ago and was called “mother of all the Ruthenian cities”, now is a cultural and spiritual centre of Ukraine. The World hasn’t discover enough about Ukraine and Ukrainians. Knowledge of Ukrainian language allows to discower treasures of old and modern Ukrainian literature, understand rich folklore, get to know about events, which are of a high importance to the World, from primary sources. Eventually, one has to know Ukrainian to be able to understand Ukrainian soul, worldview and the way of life.

Ira Shostak
inspiration, organisator, HR, teacher

Іра Шостак

About me: I love painting, all Ukrainian stuff, yoga, sociology, psychology, children, pedagogy, graphic design, helping people. I study sociology in NaUKMA, which I consider to be an important place for development and creating something new. I also like foreign languages, I study German, Polish, English, and I’m not planning to stop here.

Why SI: From the very beginning of the project, I felt that the idea appealed to me and since that moment I do apply all my efforts and inspiration to making the World better; Better and a bit more Ukrainian. I have a dream that someday people all around the World, not just those of Ukrainian origin, but representatives of different cultures, will be inspired by Ukraine.

Why Ukrainian: Not to mention words about ” understanding Ukrainian culture”…studying Ukrainian – it is a worthy process just because it is one of Slavic languages, so, one can easily learn Polish, Belarusian, Russian,Czech having basic knowledge of Ukrainian language.
Join us!

Sergiy Saveliy
Reliability, teacher

Сергій Савелій

About me: I’m a law student of Taras Shevchenko National University in Kyiv, and I’m fond of playing music, poetry, sport. I adore my life and Ukraine 😉

Why SI: I’m involved in this project because I have an eager desire to popularize Ukrainian culture among foreigners, overcome established stereotypes, completely change the image of my country and represent my nation in a worthful way.

Why Ukrainian:An enormous pile of useless philological and cultural information can be told, but the only thing that is worth keeping in mind is : Ukraine – is a country of free people, and its language – it is a languge of freedom.

Sofia Fedzhora
Kindness, teacher
Софія Феджора
About me: Cheerful, naive girl, who always believes that good will overcome evil in any case. I’m fond of music (which has the ability to calm and cure) and photography ( gives the opportunity to see beaty in details). I have an everyday desire to get to know more about this beautiful world. I have been participating in “Tsviten” folk ensemble for ten years now, it is the place, where I can get a mental rest. I love children, wildflowers and the sun.

Why SI: Since early childhood I have been interested in many professional activities, which should have been connected with my future occupation, some of them are: musician, artist, designer, singer, detective, teacher…. but herewith I wanted my occupation to be joyful and beneficial to people. I consider “SI” to be an organization, which combines the features, mentioned above in terms of professional development and creative potential.

Why Ukrainian: I grew up in a family, where both Russian and Ukrainian were spoken, so, I’m pretty good in both languages. But soon after entering university and studying the history of Ukrainian language I started to realize how special, melodious and rich Ukrainian language is. I really want more people all around the world (considering Ukrainian) to get acquainted with Ukraine, study its language, traditions,spirit and culture, in what we will always be helpful:) Native language is always the closest one. Nevertheless, only studying foreign languages one can imagine what a diverse thing the world is. It is a well-known fact that since ancient times Ukraine was situated at the intersection of geographical and trade routes.That is why Ukrainian has absorbed mental features of east and west nationalities. Therefore, study of Ukrainian language gives a chance to get acquainted with one of the oldest and most melodic languages.

Olena Yarko
Kindness, teacher
Олена Ярко
About me: Now, I am a student of the National University of Taras Shevchenko. I adore travelling, studying foreign languages, communicating with nice and interesting people. Knitting and reading are good ways for me to relax.I am neither keen on waiting to no purpose, nor on wasting my time. Openness,sincerity,confidence and kindness – are the virtues, I appreciate in person’s character.

Why SI: First of all, it’s all about new acquaintances and interesting people, who really love all Ukrainian, and they not just talk about it, but embody their thoughts in worthy actions. I’ve got the desire to join the project and contribute a part of my work right away, because doing worthy things that may be helpful to others – it is the highest delight.

Why Ukrainian: If you are interested in something Ukrainian (the range is really wide), to get a firsthand experience, you have to learn Ukrainian.Interesting,harmonious and beautiful…Don’t you be stereotypic, show originality,explore and investigate not yet all known things! Welcome to study Ukrainian!!!

Ilya Goncharuk
Kindness, a partner from the project “Vchymo Solovyinu”, teacher
Gohopongo Ilya
About me: I am many-sided, bouncy, lazy, cheerful. I like drawing comics, sculpting. I consider mself a creative personality. Interested in World history, ethnography, linguistics. I am fluent but still learn German and English languages.

Why Institute of Skovoroda: In summer 2015, after creating the project “Vchymo Solovyinu” (“Learn euphonious”), which specializes on teaching Ukrainian language, I met Iurii, the organizer and founder of the Institute of Skovoroda. We decided to join our efforts to pursie a similar purpose.

Why Ukrainian: It is a beautiful, singing, colorful language. For its beauty, it is named “solovyina” (as melodic as a song of a nightingale). Definitely, if you came to Ukraine already, you have to learn or at least get acquainted with the language of a country. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of Ukrainians, their customs. It is an opportunity to demonstrate respect and explore new for your self-enrichment. Moreover, Ukrainian language is the third among Slavic languages by number of speakers. In Ukraine everyone understands Ukrainian language and many speak it. Even though a significant number of people do speak Russian in their everyday life, all of the signs and texts around the country are in Ukrainian. All we need from you is a desire to learn Ukrainian, and we will take care of everything else!

Olga Rusina
Coordinator, teacher

About me: studied Polish philology in Kyiv, I am currently studying at Jagiellonian University in Krakow on journalism. I write books for children (Publishing House of the Old Lion), I read everything in a row, I learn to photograph, travel, explore.

Why IC:While abroad, you are one way or another to represent your culture – it does not matter if you learn the rest of your language, or just tell a friend about your hometown for a cup of coffee. For me, the activities we are engaged in in the IP became, on the one hand, a rather organic part of life, and on the other – an interesting new experience: we became the first foreign center, and this, besides that, is very pleasant, also responsible!

Why Ukrainian:At one time I began to learn Polish simply from curiosity – I liked how it sounds, though I still did not understand a word; I still liked the Polish poet and essayist Cheslav Milosh, and I wanted to read his poems in the original. I want foreigners to feel such an interest in the Ukrainian language and culture – and the one who feels it has to ask where to contact, when he wants to get to know Ukraine more closely.

translation: Alina Krukyn