For volunteers


As you, probably, already know, Skovoroda Institute is a voluntary project, which aims to spread the knowledge about Ukrainian language and culture among foreigners, teach them Ukrainian language and help with the establishment of friendly relations with Ukrainians and Ukraine.

Thank you for your interest! And thank you that you are willing to help!

Making Ukraine closer to foreign people is a very important cause for the worldwide society.

It would be amazing if people knew more positive, authentic and interesting things about our country, than negative! That is the main goal of our work. We have started in Ukraine and would spread the positive opinions abroad. Moreover, we would not be the first ones to do so in their country: British Counsil successfully follows the same pattern regarding Great Britain; in Austria and Germany its Goethe Institute, in France – French Institute, in Poland – Polish Institute, in China – Confucius Institute etc. Waiting for some support from the government is boring and often could be very slow in progress. That is why we initiated that project in 2013 and continue to develop it today.

Join us!
At the moment, the project is implemented in Kyiv in a form of the Ukrainian language speaking club and organization of various cultural events for foreigners who are visiting Ukraine or those who live here.

In future, we plan to engage or establish more Ukrainian culture-oriented centres, and develop the state of Ukrainian language and culture across the world.

Once again, we implement our goals in the form of:

  • courses and speaking clubs
  • online mailing for subscribers
  • individual consultations for those who are willing to learn the language
  • we also plan to create video and audio learning material
  • we prepare materials to publish the Ukrainian language learning textbook (Ukranian-English edition)