Gorgany. The Carpathians.

As you may know (but if not yet — certainly google it), the Carpathians — are the mountains, lying in the western part of Ukraine. Although — relatively — they aren’t high (the highest peak is 2061 meters and is called Hoverla) and perhaps do not have huge square (ca. 24 000 square km), but there is a range of different massifs composing them. One of such massifs is named Gorgany. Gorgany — is undoubtedly a unique place. Its main feature is large stones covered with mosses, lichens, with water streams under them.


This massif is the part of Gorgany Natural Reserve, which is recognised for the highest plant and animal diversity found among all Carpathian primeval forests. Here we want to introduce you the photographic project about the Gorgany mountains. All the photos were taken by our editor and journalist Liudmyla Smoliar during her hiking trip in October-2015.