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Our goal is to promote the popularization of our native language and culture, especially in the environment of foreigners.

Our supergoal is to strengthen friendly relations between the ukrainians and citizens of other countries as well as to create a good image of Ukraine in the world.

Your kind donation will help us to purchase new textbooks for our lessons for our ukrainian language school, rent the classrooms, work on website, create video tutorials for distance learning, solve other organizational issues.

“Skovoroda Institute” is a volunteer project and receives no profit from its activities. That is why we really need the help of caring people so that we can develop further. We are eager to promote our native culture, to help our students improve their speaking skills and to inspire their surroundings with the love of Ukrainian!

Thank you!

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You can also transfer money directly to the card of Privatbank: 5168 7555 2302 7130 (Jerzy Miszczenko).
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