The largest industrial, economic, scientific and educational center of the west of Ukraine, one of the capitals of the Ukrainian IT industry. And, perhaps, the most atmospheric city, the cultural capital of the state.
The city was founded in the XIII century by King Danylo. At various times, it was an important political and cultural center for Ukrainians, Poles and Jews. After developing the Boryslav oil field, Lviv received a powerful inflow of capital, and became one of the richest and largest cities in the Austrian Empire. During the First World War and after its end and disintegration, the city became the scene of fighting between Ukrainian and Polish troops. In the interwar period, Lviv, like the entire western part of the territory of modern Ukraine, belonged to Poland, but remained the center of the Ukrainian liberation movement. After World War II, the city once again became the center of resistance and struggle, already against the communist regime. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of Lviv for Ukraine, but it will not be discussed here.
1. Lviv is beautiful! In spite of the various problems inherent in every Ukrainian city, Lviv managed to preserve its historical identity. It does not matter whether you are walking medieval streets in the Market Square, or walking along the interwar cascades of constructivist buildings – the story is breathing everywhere, the pages of which Lviv residents can honor and protect, however controversial they were.
2. Lviv is diverse! Here a lot of cultures and peoples were interwoven in the architecture of the city, in which you fall in love at once at the railway station.
3. Lviv is breathing legends. Thematic cafes and restaurants, dozens of different museums – there you definitely will not be sad. And if for any reason it will still be sad – Galician liqueurs and tinctures will surely warm you up and have fun. Or Lviv beer! Probably the same legendary theme as Lviv itself. There is even a museum and theater of beer.
4. Lviv is a city of coffee. Coffee here is the main motive of life. Coffee breaks, meetings, dates, divorces. The number of coffee shops is just that, and coffee from Lviv is well known far beyond the city.
Lviv is fun and interesting. Try to find a restaurant where the menu is not priced. We need to bargain with a waiter! Visit the High Castle – a hill from which the entire Lviv is in the palm. You’ll love it, especially at night. Get out of the city hall tower. Take a walk in the night Stryisky Park. Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed to you.
5. Lviv – a city of traditions and street musicians. Only in Lviv massively celebrate every Ukrainian holiday in observance of all national traditions, about which we, friends, have already come to know, or will introduce you. In the center, on the corner of almost every street, someone sings, plays a saxophone, guitar … It does not matter whether it is a professional musician or simply students, they will definitely find their supporters.
6. Lviv – a city of students. Total of them in the city about 120 thousand. Therefore, the city never sleeps. And in the morning, with endless lines, he enrolled at one of the oldest and oldest universities in Ukraine – @Lviv po and the University of Franko.
Lviv is mystical! There is a mountain with witches here, and just under the central avenue of the city flows a real river, and you can go down into the dungeon.
7. Lviv – famous! Almost every year, the city falls into the ratings of European cities that are worth a visit!
8. And the main thing! “Lviv is open to the world!” – the official slogan of the city. And this is not only a slogan – it’s a fact. Therefore, be sure to visit it. Make it easy! The city has a railway connection with all major cities of Ukraine. See you in Lviv!

Петро Гаврилюк (Petro Havryliuk)