M – Monster, M – marshrutka

This “yellow monster” has been a troubling thing for foreigners for many years. There is no transport in the world like this one. Its name can’t even be translated – marshrutka. But don’t be scared and look right in the monster’s eyes (spotlights). Here’s everything you need to know about it:

– Marshrutkas usually stop at bus stops. Sometimes they can just ride by, without making a stop. In this case just stretch your hand out aside to stop a vehicle..

– In the majority of Ukrainian cities, one has to pay a driver while coming inside a marshutka (sometimes – coming out of it). Don’t you be afraid, in a some kind of magical way drivers can shortchange, listen to music and watch the road simultaneously.

– When passengers that stand close to you are trying to poke money in your face, it means that they want to have their money passed to a driver.Listen carefully to a following comment. If it is ” Na vsi” – it’s ok, if it is ” Z desyatki (or any other number) odyn” get ready to pass the rest of money back .

– The main task in marshrutka is to take a strong hold.

Try to give a place for children, old people and pregnant women.

– There is no stop button in marshrutka. Therefore, to make a driver stop a vehicle, you have to yell ” Na zupyntsi”.

After all our pieces of advice marshrutkas don’t appear to be so scary, do they?:)

Translated by: Bohdan Serediuk