Books, textbooks on Ukrainian language and articles about Ukrainian culture

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The basic course of the Ukrainian language on one of the world’s most popular resources for anyone interested in languages. Developers are inviting: “Learn Ukrainian, the Eastern Slavic language considered as melodic as Italian and French.”

ukr-grammarUkrainian Grammar
The site created by an enthusiast who “likes to learn new languages, so she decided to create this site to help other people in learning her native language”

The basic conversational course of the Ukrainian language on another popular “polyglot” resource. «You have always dreamed of being able to learn basic words and expressions you will need for your trip, but it seems too difficult? You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll learn with our method!».

Read UkrainianRead Ukrainian!
The course of a reading Ukrainian contains public materials that supplement the basic language course and will be of interest to anyone who studies the Ukrainian language and want to improve their reading skills.

Writing in UkrainianUMMILDP
Let’s learn writing! This resource helps in an easy and interactive form to master the Ukrainian language spelling. Extra materials of the website concerning grammar, vocabulary, reading will be useful to all those who likes Ukrainian.

Molode RadioMolode
The wave of Ukrainian music “Molode radio”. 100 % of contemporary UA music online!

Yaskrave RadioYaskrave radio
Another useful radio resource for fans of Ukrainian music. A radio for modern people, full of creativity and creative energy.

ukr-music on facebookMusicFromUkraine
Ukrainian music on Facebook. Listen to it without leaving your favorite social network! The resource includes audio and video recordings of Ukrainian musicians.

TED Talks in Ukrainian
Well-known resource of interesting presentations of speakers from around the world has a Ukrainian page as well. For everyone who studies the language, it will be useful to practice listening skills here.

The most famous and largest Ukrainian torrent resource will help you find interesting films, television programs and animation in Ukrainian, as well as interesting foreign films in Ukrainian dubbing.

The popular online resource for learning the vocabulary of any language. Make a dictionary depending on your preferences and use Quizlet tools to learn this new language in a fun playful way!

Beginners UkrainianBeginner’s Ukrainian
Finally, another resource for newcomers to the Ukrainian language. Short audio-lessons of Ukrainian teach the basics of phonetics and spoken language. The site is an interactive addition to the popular textbook by Yuri Shevchuk – linguist and a professor at Columbia University.


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  • Андрій Медведів: «Українсько-англійсько-японський розмовник». За редакцією Йоко Тойофуку та Мирона Федоришина. 2005 р.
  • «Teach yourself ukrainian». Olena Bech, James Dingley.
  • «Українська мова. Практичний курс для іноземців». – Х.Ш. Бахтіярова, С.С. Лукашевич, І.З. Майданюк, М.П. Сегень, С.В. Пєтухов.