St. Nicholas Day

Evening. December 18th. The snow is quiet in the street, and everything plunges into a mystical fairytale.
Yes, you are 20, 25, maybe more years, you are a serious person, but not this evening. Only not on Nicholas.

There is somewhere in the shower that child’s anxiety, that expectation of a miracle, when you desperately counted all your sins, weighed good deeds and wanted to go to bed as soon as he called to get such a dreamed present from Mikolajka as soon as possible! It was wonderful.

It is these thoughts that cover the author of this article in the memories of participation in a very beautiful Ukrainian tradition on the night of the holiday of Nicholas, with whom we also want to introduce you!

The essence of the tradition is that each child receives a present from St. Nicholas under the pillow this night. But here everything is not so simple.
You need to write a letter with wishes in the name of the saint in advance and stick it on the window so that he can see him from the sky!
In the letter, besides the desired gift, all bad and good deeds committed by you during the year must be written down. The more bad the deeds – the greater the opportunity to get a big stick under the pillow! Therefore, on the eve of the holiday all children try to be as obedient as possible, study beautifully, not to be missed … And waiting for a miracle that will surely happen to them this night!

The Institute of Skovoroda wants to give all of you today a piece of fairytales, miracles and happiness. In the end, we ourselves create this fairytale, we make fun of ourselves and our loved ones.
So get wrapped up in a blanket, and the gaida of bedding – Nikolay is already close!

@ Petro Gavryliuk


Translation: Alina Krukyn