You can give wings to the project!

Now everyone who would like may support propagation of Ukrainian language and culture abroad.

Nationwide volunteer project Skovoroda Institute has been teaching foreigners Ukrainian language for more than two years now. It introduces our guests of Ukraine with its culture, cooperates with other public organizations in this sphere. Thanks to efforts of dozen volunteers a common cultural front began to form. With its own powers Skovoroda Institute tought more than fifty citizens from more than 26 countries. Considering the exoticism of the concept “Ukrainian language as foreign” that means a lot. But much more is planned. Besides, Skovoroda Institute makes Ukrainian language and culture closer to the world also by its website and accounts in social networks, which are regularly browsed by foreigners.
It is clear that all organization’s activities in terms of almost complete lack of support from the government and “spokes in the wheel” from the the bureaucratic system are not only unprofitable but losing for volunteers as well. It’s not only about the number of spent training hours, which would be equivalent to tens of thousands of hryvnias, but about the website support, business cards,booklets, training materials, which cost some money, too. And we don’t mention costs for rental of premises.
Our project is indenendent from all political powers, big business and government and because of that it requires another sources of money. Recently on our website appeared an opportunity to support our work financially.
Here you can choose any amount of money which will serve the above mentioned organization’s needs.The movement of all the money is strictly regulated, so each of you can get the information about where your money were spent. Thank you for the desire to make Ukrainian closer to the world!

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