Text and photos Iryna Selezniova

Ukrainian-English translation Natalie Reva

Khust’s castle is a Hungarian fortress built in 11 century. During its history as well as a history of the town Khrust, where it is situated, it was owned by Hungarian, Galician-Volhynian and Transylvanian princes. The ancient fortress underwent a thousand attacks of Turks and Tatars, but was destroyed by a simple accident — a lightning stroke into a gunpowder storage. The rests of once robust and mighty fortress are raising the mounting top.

iyta7miwiikCovered with trees, it’s hard to get. The path is dangerous and demands all your courage. You need to pass the cold old cemetery and climb up the pavement that had known kings and princes steps. But it worths it! You will be astonished by the incredible landscape! As this is the highest point in town Hust, the fortress will open you a magnificent view on all the surrounding villages: Chertyzh, Rokosovo, Izu, Kyreshi, Velyatino, Tiachiv.

tipgztst-naThe city government undertook seriously the reconstruction of the castle. By using some chemicals they removed the vegetation from the castle’s walls, so it won’t ruin them. Next summer the local government is planning to restore the main gate of the fortress. So if you’re in the Transcarpathian region, do not hesitate, go straight to Khust’s castle. This beauty cannot be missed!