Hello Everybody!
Jak się macie? – how are u guys? My name is Bartosz and I am from the country, which lies in the very heart of Europe – Poland. I am 24 year old. I am fascinated about East Europe and foreign languages. I have graduated from my university this year as well as from another university in Kiev, Ukraine at the same time. I would like to present to you my adventure with Ukraine language and the Skovoroda Institute in general.
I got to know with guys from Skovoroda Institute in 2015 when I came to Kiev as a volunteer of European Voluntary Service. It was a great time! I have never regretted neither my decision about coming to Ukraine, nor this one that I took up Ukrainian. This step was kind of crucial in my life – I guess I can call it so. First of all, I was selected for the Master study at the Taras Shevchenko National University, I got a job in Kiev, I could make acquaintanceships with people more easier and much more other advantages which you get if you know Ukrainian. Nevertheless, the crucial thing which helped me to make that decision was actually my best friend in Ukraine who told me that if I learnt Ukrainian, I would be the first foreigner speaking both Russian and Ukrainian that he knew. Well, I did not have the choice. I must have had to take this challenge and I do not regret it at all!
Frankly speaking, my first steps with Ukrainian did not come very well. It was rather tough. Then I learnt about Skovoroda Institute. It was cool place to learn Ukrainian. We met in various places but most often the museum. Actually I loved this time when I came ahead of the others participants or I was on my own with guys from Skovoroda Institute. We could chat each other about everything, especially then when my Ukrainian was good enough. I truly miss those days.
What I really loved about my adventure with Ukrainian is the impression that I make on people or rather their astonishment. It was so nice to hear when they praised my Ukrainian and their gratefulness that I put so much effort and time to learn their national language. Actually it is the biggest prize for me.
I guess that my friends from Skovoroda Institute would be proud of me. I can speak Ukrainian fluently, I graduated from the Ukrainian university and they have a big credit in it, which I am them very grateful for.
By the way, to all foreigners who do not have a clue about Ukrainian… do not worry about it. First of all, people from Skovoroda Institute certainly make it possible to make you speak Ukrainian. At the beginning do not worry about your mistakes, intonation, accent… just speak. I know what I say. Personally I can speak 4 foreign languages and I always use this hint.
Summing up, I would like to add something about me… Світ ловив мене, та не спіймав. I hope I can repeat it one day…at the end.

Всім успіхів у вивченні української мови!