Photoproject “Frank.Heritage”: How did Ukrainian national costumes of different regions look like

Have you ever wondered how current celebrities looked like in 19-20 centuries? Do you know what was the zest of Chernihiv’s women? You can find this out on the pages of charity calendar “Frank.Heritage-2017”! Just imagine that there has been collected more than 30 kg of unique jewelry and authentic clothes from the end of 19-beginning of 20 centuries on the set!

Anna Rizadtinova who is a gymnast has showed how the people of Kyiv region were dressing at the beginning of 20th century. The TV presenter Masha Yefrosynina has put on the costume of Ukrainians who lived in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Nata Zhyzhchenko (ONUKA) and Yevhen Filatov (The Maneken) have worn costumes of Hutsul newly-weds.

The actress Ada Rohovtseva with her daughter and granddaughter were posing in tradidional costumes of Chernihiv region from 19-20 centuries. To tell more, the zests of Chernihiv’s costume were “namitky”-towel-like hats. Women knew how to wear them in different ways. The TV host Marichka Padalko has worn a festive costume from Zakarpattya.

Pay attention to the shawl which Anna Zavalska has put on. Such shawls were produced at the manufactory of Asaf Baranov since 19th century and up to the first quarter of 20th. That is why they were called “baranivski”. They were popular in Polissya and sold at fairs in big scrolls and then just cut out.

Singer Anna Zavalska

Olga Freimut has tried the lemko costume from 19th on. Moreover, if Tina Karol’ was getting married in Ivano-Frankivsk region she would wear a crown made of goose feathers decorated with sequins and candy wrappers. It comes out that such creative crowns were produced onle in the village of Velykyi Kluchiv.

As you can notice each photograph from the calendar is an accurate reproduction of costume from certain era, part of Ukraine and typical coloring. The consultant of the project is Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History. Thanks to it and some private collectors they could collect 18 original costumes from 10 regions of Ukraine.

All collected funds will be used to support Ukrainian ethnographic museums.

Written with the information by BBC Ukraine.

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